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There are many factors to be kept in mind when implementing an enterprise class business phone system beyond just the technical capabilities or financial requirements. Business VoIP offers a whole host of features that can significantly expand the communications network for an organization. With VoIP technology, there is no reason for the phone system to [...]

3 Important Features of Business VoIP
Android VoIP users can now check out for updates on SIP calling on the Android OS. We’ll post full updates there about the new Gingerbread release. Stay tuned!

siponandroid launched!
VoIP has replaced analog phone networks for many organizations and has become a critical part of the business infrastructure. For most enterprises, the reliability of the communications infrastructure is paramount and any interruptions in phone service can lead to missed opportunities or lost revenue/contracts. Since people are used to the phone service working at all [...]

VoIP – Are you Prepared for System Failure?

3 Features of Great VoIP Service

The VoIP industry is very crowded and extremely competitive with hundreds of players jostling for space and market share. Many providers offer the same set of features for similar prices and it can be difficult to separate the good and bad service providers on the basis of cost or services alone. However those are not [...]

Are On-Premise VoIP Systems Still Viable?

Organizations transitioning to VoIP need to choose between on premise solutions and hosted services. Increasingly the market is shifting towards cloud-based services – whether it is for collaboration, communication technology, application development or data storage. Small wonder then that the on-premise segment is growing very slowly when compared to the hosted services market where growth [...]

Have you Ever Missed a Voicemail until it’s Too Late?

Voicemail is an essential tool for employees in the modern business world. Most people utilize voicemail services for both personal phones as well as work numbers. Even in an era where smart phones are carried by the majority of workers, voicemail still serves an important function when the user is out of range of cellular [...]

What is VoIP Automated Call Delivery?

There are quite a few features available for employees to field calls when they are not able to answer the phone such as voicemail, call forwarding, multi device ring etc. But what about situations where employees need to automate the process of making calls? This is where VoIP automated call delivery can be useful. Automated [...]

Smartphone VoIP and Voicemail Integration

Across industries, VoIP is quickly becoming the technology of choice for any enterprise looking to upgrade its existing business phone communication system. As the use of VoIP becomes more prevalent, enterprises are looking to integrate more and more disparate systems into one network so that data can flow seamlessly between employees, partners and clients. While [...]

The VoIP Approach in Underdeveloped Markets

Recent announcements of WhatsApp introducing VoIP calling has caused a flurry of excitement and a renewed interest in the mobile VoIP segment. Telephone carriers have traditionally hampered the growth of mobile VoIP in the United States and elsewhere which is not the case in most of the developing world. As a result, many industry players [...]

VoIP and the Medical Industry – How do they Converge?

VoIP is steadily gaining adoption across the world in both consumer and enterprise segments. However the technology is still not ubiquitous in certain verticals such as the healthcare industry in the United States. Only now are hospitals and clinics waking up to the potential benefits of VoIP, not to mention the radically lower phone bills [...]

ISDN and PRI – What’s the Difference?

ISDN PRI and BRI are terms that should be familiar to anyone who has been involved in setting up a business phone communication system. Although many companies are switching over to VoIP with either SIP trunking or hosted services, the majority of enterprises still use ISDN lines to connect their offices. ISDN stands for Integrated [...]

Why is India a Rich Venue for VoIP Apps?

It is no secret that the global market for VoIP apps – and more specifically for mobile VoIP apps – is growing at a blistering pace. What is perhaps not so well known is that the Indian market is growing even faster and the sheer number of VoIP apps in the marketplace is overwhelming. From [...]

Monitoring VoIP

Monitoring VoIP Data on your Network

Implementing in an organization involves more than just purchasing equipment or setting up infrastructure. The process often involves identifying business needs, selecting the right vendor, making sure the enterprise has adequate bandwidth and plenty more. However, it does not end when the first call has been made. Even after the VoIP system is up and [...]