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Mobile messaging has become quite the crowded landscape over the last couple of years. New services are being launched frequently while older ones are consolidating their user base by introducing new features. WhatsApp and Viber are two of the most popular mobile messaging apps that are growing rapidly. Increasingly, the two apps are competing in [...]

Viber vs WhatsApp – What are the Selling Points?
Android VoIP users can now check out for updates on SIP calling on the Android OS. We’ll post full updates there about the new Gingerbread release. Stay tuned!

siponandroid launched!
With Apple and Google both launching VoIP calling on the respective mobile platforms, the competition is increasing for Skype. But perhaps Microsoft is looking at the wrong competitors. Even though Google and Apple have shown interest in capturing the instant messaging/mobile VoIP space, WhatsApp is currently the king of the mobile messaging market. Until its [...]

With WhatsApp Turning Pro, Did Microsoft Make a Mistake with Skype?

Why is India a Rich Venue for VoIP Apps?

It is no secret that the global market for VoIP apps – and more specifically for mobile VoIP apps – is growing at a blistering pace. What is perhaps not so well known is that the Indian market is growing even faster and the sheer number of VoIP apps in the marketplace is overwhelming. From [...]

Monitoring VoIP

Monitoring VoIP Data on your Network

Implementing in an organization involves more than just purchasing equipment or setting up infrastructure. The process often involves identifying business needs, selecting the right vendor, making sure the enterprise has adequate bandwidth and plenty more. However, it does not end when the first call has been made. Even after the VoIP system is up and [...]

VoIP – Preventing Toll Fraud

Toll fraud is not new and even PSTN systems have fallen victim to such attacks periodically. However, hackers were limited by the inherent restrictions of analog systems. If an office had three lines, only three unauthorized calls could be made simultaneously even if the system were compromised. VoIP networks on the other hand, allow a [...]

Supplementing Networks with Wi-Fi

Can Telcos Supplement their Services with Free WiFi?

VoIP technology is not new and millions of consumers and businesses have taken advantage of it in the last decade. Many people have switched over to VoIP services such as Magic Jack or Vonage which offer inexpensive long distance calls and even unlimited calls to certain countries. Even if they do not have a dedicated [...]

VoIP on Android and iOS

VoIP on iOS vs Android

For a long time, VoIP was seen as a replacement for the legacy landline. Consequently there wasn’t much demand for VoIP apps on mobile devices even though most people had a smartphone or tablet with a connection to the Internet. However as carrier plans have gotten more expensive, consumers started searching for VoIP apps that [...]

Replacing Telephone Numbers

Can we replace phone numbers with IP addresses?

VoIP calls are no longer the latest in technology with many businesses and individuals giving up legacy landlines in its favor. However, it has not yet completely replaced the legacy copper line system and most carriers maintain both TDM and IP networks. Things might be about to change as the FCC has invited telecom companies [...]


What is the TURN Protocol?

NAT traversal has long been a problem for VoIP calls utilizing the SIP protocol. NAT routers are usually deployed on corporate networks to provide an extra layer of security. They are also used to allow many devices to share one public IP address, to prevent exhaustion of the IPv4 address space. However, the use of [...]

VoIP and NATs

VoIP and NAT Firewalls

One problem often encountered in setting up VoIP networks, especially when using the SIP protocol is the issue of placing calls to devices which are hidden behind a NAT firewall. Network Address Translation is often used in routers to allow multiple devices with private IP addresses (on a LAN) to share one public IP address. [...]

VoIP and VPNs

Using VoIP with a VPN

Using VoIP services with the VPN is not a new idea and has been around for a few years. However, recent network breaches at VoIP providers as well as revelations regarding the NSA surveillance program on American tech companies have shone a spotlight on the security practices of large organizations. With many entities such as [...]

VoIP Codec Licensing

Audio Codec Licensing Requirements

Whether your organization buys VoIP services from a hosted provider or has implemented an on-site solution with SIP trunking, your network will need audio codecs in order to function properly. Hosted providers use open source codecs or license them from the patent holder directly, so end users do not have to do anything other than [...]